Ege University Faculty of Letters

The faculty founded in 1976 as Faculty of Humanities was entitled Faculty of Letters in 1982. The faculty covers Department of German Language and Literature, Department of Archeology (Division of Archeology and Division of Archeology in Asia Minor), Department of American Literature and Culture, Department of Geography, Department of Ancient Languages, Department of Philosophy, Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies ( Division of German Translation and Interpreting Studies; Division of English Translation and Interpreting Studies), Department of History of Arts, Department of Sociology, Department of .Psychology, Department of History and Department of Turkish Language and Literature.

Undergraduates registered in one of the undergraduate programs have chance to pursue double major and minor. Faculty of Letters is equipped with classes and laboratories renewed for contemporary education purposes. Undergraduates may also participate in Erasmus and Mevlana Exchange Programs and have internship period in public or private sector and they also may exchange opinions with our researchers, may consult researchers and participate in research conducted in laboratories.

The number and the nature of the facilities and social activities in the campus provide students with the opportunity to observe and participate in a high number of cultural, social and sports activities. A number of national and international research projects supported by public and private sectors have been conducted within our faculty. Graduate and undergraduate students may participate in research through the abovementioned research projects. Students have chance to present their research in national and international seminars. Conferences and exhibitions organized in exhibitions and conference halls provide students with opportunity to gain new skill sets. Students may also have chance to combine theory with practice through field work, excavations, surveys and related scientific activities. Are you aware that our faculty is the only faculty in Turkey with a museum (Museum of Ancient Artifacts) to promote artifacts found in excavation activities and to inform future generations of cultural heritage of Turkey?     

Our faculty is favourite Faculty of Letters in Turkey with 895 graduate and 5225 undergraduate students within scope of 24 divisions and 14 departments as of 2017.